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Where your last day of work no longer means the beginning of your last phase of life.


How prepared are you for retirement?

Have you given any thought about retirement other than
“How much money is enough?”

If you knew for sure that you were going to live to, or past, age 90, would you still want to retire at your current projected date? Would you put more thought into planning the rest of your life? This is just one of the realities of today’s new retirement.

You have been successfully accumulating your retirement nest egg, but the investment advisor who helped you accumulate your investment assets may not be the person you should be working with today.

It’s time now to work with a retirement specialist who focuses on helping you develop a strategy for your retirement transition, both financially and as importantly, psychologically.

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Below are seven common questions that I often get asked and I am sure that you would like answers to:

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Who am I?What do I do?Why do I do what I do?How do I do what I do?Who have I done it for?How am I different?Why should you do business with me?

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Jerry Brown has been our financial planner for many years. He has also looked after our children’s education fund. There is no one we would trust more with our children’s or our own future than Jerry. He has gotten us great results even in difficult markets.

Dr.'s Brad & Dana GueldnerAbbotsford, BC

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My Business Succession Plan

I am often asked “when are you going to retire?”  I am sure many of you have experienced this as well.  How does one define retirement today? I believe that the definition of “full time work” to “full time not working”– at some age or point in time — is outdated today.  The goal today […]

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Could I Be Retired For 30 Years???

Do you have enough retirement assets to provide the income required for you and your spouse for the remainder of your lifetimes? The key factor required to answer this question is not just based on what you have – but on what your life expectancy could be. In my many years of helping people plan […]

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Want To Increase Your OAS Pension? Now You Can!

As of July 1, 2013, you can defer drawing your OAS benefit until age 70, similar to the recent change to CPP. However, unlike CPP, you cannot take it earlier than age 65. For each month you defer your OAS pension, it will increase by 0.6% or 7.2% per year. Total deferral to age 70 […]

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