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My Business Succession Plan

I am often asked “when are you going to retire?”  I am sure many of you have experienced this as well.  How does one define retirement today?

I believe that the definition of “full time work” to “full time not working”– at some age or point in time — is outdated today.  The goal today is not retirement, but financial independence – the option of working or not working — at what and at what hours.  More and more people are working past age 65, some because they have to, but many because they want to.  The recent changes to CPP and OAS are designed to reflect this, (see my website for articles on these changes.)

Your work transition plan, combined with when to commence your government pension benefits are key elements in your retirement plan.  I discuss this regularly in seminars, newsletters and in face to face visitations.  But it is an area that few give serious study before making these critical decisions.

I am blessed with having a career that I love and I plan to continue for many years to come.  But sometimes things don’t go as planned, so in the year of 2013, I established a formal business succession plan with my son-in-law, Ken Peters, CFP, CPCA.  This plan is registered with Assante Financial Ltd. and would provide a smooth transition for myself, my wife, Sandy, and for yourself when I retire, or am unable to work.

Ken has been with our firm since 1993 and has developed a very successful practice.  He is married to my daughter, Darcey, and is the father of two of my four grandchildren.  They live here in Abbotsford.

Once again, I have no plan to retire for some time, but this provides another piece for my future retirement and estate plan and hopefully provides you with the peace of mind that you will receive continued service from us for many years to come.

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