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How Am I Different?

When planning for the old retirement, the standard question is always, “How much money is enough?” I’ve discovered that most people get in trouble because they are still planning for the old retirement, not Today’s New Retirement.

What I mean is, they are only planning for how much money they will need, and not for how they will adjust psychologically for retirement that could be for 20 – 30 years or more. And yet, typical retirement planning has not kept up with this new reality – it is still planning for the old retirement, focused only on your money.

As a result, even when people do financial retirement planning, they often have a problem adjusting psychologically to being retired, and feel unfilled. And ironically, they often have financial problems as well.

However, when develop your strategy for Today’s New Retirement by addressing both the financial and psychological issues, you will make the transition more successfully. You will more likely have less financial stress, feel better psychologically, and be much more fulfilled during your retirement.

Guiding you through these types of questions is the foundation of “The New Retirement Program”™ my unique planning process that focuses on you, not just your money. This is the most critical part of your Retirement Plan! It is the foundation of my service!

Answers for these questions must not be based on vague or incorrect perceptions. Wrong decisions at this time could have serious implications for the remainder of your life. I provide you with the facts and information necessary for you to make informed retirement decisions…for your money and your life.

The CFP designation for financial planning and the EPC designation for lifestyle planning are key educational requirements for this stage of your planning process. The granting of the PRP designation from the Retirement Planning Association of Canada is a strong recognition of my holistic approach to your retirement planning.

My educational strengths are supported by my many years of industry and personal life experiences. In many cases, the goals and concerns that you face match my own. Any recommendations I put forward mirror what I would do in a similar situation.

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