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How Do I Do What I do?

Retirement transitions planning requires a PROCESS. My unique planning process is called “The New Retirement Transition Program®” and it has four major steps:

Clarify Your Values and Visions

For many, retirement is just a fuzzy vision. Most people know what they are retiring from, but few really know what they are retiring to. As a result, key retirement transition decisions may not be well thought out. The heart of this planning phase is my workshop entitled “Planning for Today’s New Retirement”— a detailed look at the reality of retirement today as opposed to the perception. We discuss such areas as your life values, retirement goals, lifestyle choices, health challenges, and career transition. Previous workshop attendees tell us that our workshop itself, has been a life changing event.

Choices – Which Goals Are Best For You?

Using your newly discovered life values and resulting life vision, we can now focus on identifying the choices you have in mid-life and beyond. At this time we use advanced life planning software to model and compare “what if?” scenarios for each of your proposed choices. In each case this program blends your lifestyle objectives and wants with the financial tactics required. This creates an integrated, clear view of your future choices, making current decisions easier and more credible.

Designing Your Personal Retirement Life Plan

As you select from these choices, we can now complete your retirement transition strategy. You will find this to be an exciting accomplishment. Only at this time can we focus on your income plan and your money. After all, how can we establish how much income you require, and at what time, until we have a clear vision of your future? Now we can assemble your investment portfolio to support your personal income plan.

Life Changes, Your Plan Must As Well

As your life changes, your goals and your plans will as well. I work with you to ensure that your retirement life plan, income plan, investment portfolio, and estate plan are always up-to-date. I provide you with regular newsletters, seminars, workshops and individual reviews. My Life and Retirement related topics are based on the most current information I can obtain. I believe that by keeping you well-informed, you will continue to make the best life and financial decisions, regardless of whatever changes come your way.

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