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Retirement planning for today’s new retirement

Someone once said that “while there are lots of books available on retirement, the only book that really matters is the one that you write yourself”

When planning for the old retirement, the standard question is always, “How much money is enough?” Money is important, but in “Today’s New Retirement” questions are more soul-searching: “How will I spend my time?”; “What do I really like to do?”; “What will keep me motivated?”; “How will I, and my family, react to my not having a job?”; “Do I have to stop working?”; and “What about future health concerns?”

Guiding you through these types of questions is called Life Planning – planning that focuses on you, not just your money. Traditional financial planning has always tended to treat money, not people, as the client. They develop a financial plan and then work your life plan into it. Life planning is the creation of a satisfying and fulfilling vision of your life, and the discovery of how you can achieve that vision. The focus of value-based life planning is on what you value rather than on the value of what you own. Financial planning starts where life planning leaves off.

No one knows exactly what result you’ll get. You can imagine the future that you want, but no one can assemble all of the intricate pieces of the puzzle. Only computers can. To create your life plan, we will work together, using advanced life-planning software to uncover what you will need to do to get what you want. To learn what effective actions you could take, we will compare “What if?” scenarios. We can try out lifestyle options, financial and legacy planning tactics, and customize your plan based on your personal life values and your newly discovered life goals.

A life plan is the most critical part of your Retirement Plan! It is the foundation of my service! As we work together, you will begin to understand how essential your personal Life Plan is in developing your Retirement Income Plan, your Investment Plan and your Estate Plan.

The CFP designation for financial planning and the EPC designation for lifestyle planning are key education requirements for this stage of your planning process. My educational strengths, are supported by my many years of industry and personal life experiences. In many cases, the goals and concerns that you face match my own. Any recommendations I put forward mirror what I
would do in a similar situation.

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