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Who Have I Done It For?

The majority of my clients  are successful men and women in the 50+ age group with minimum investable assets of $250,000 or more.  Some have recently retired, while others are seriously considering retirement.

Many are creating second careers or have become self-employed.  Like myself, they expect and often desire to work beyond the “traditional” retirement age.

My clients believe that time and family are their most valuable assets.  They don’t have the desire, expertise, or the extra time to manage their retirement investment portfolio, let alone develop the most critical retirement components, their personalized retirement transition and lifelong income strategy.

At this age, their values are changing and they are considering the complex uncertainties of “life after work“.  They have come to realize that retirement planning is much more than portfolio performance or just about numbers.

It is about LIFE.

Like most, they had a clear idea of what they were retiring from, but only a fuzzy vision of what they were retiring to.

My clients value having a long-term working relationship with an educated, experienced and trusted advisor. Through our time together they have discovered that their new retirement is, or will be, the best stage of their life, now that it has been properly planned.

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We have been fortunate in having Jerry handle our financial and retirement planning for many years. His advice and support has helped us build a plan where we can enter our retirement with financial stability and a sound understanding of the life changes that retirement will bring.

His expertise and guidance have been a mainstay in navigating the ups and downs of the economy while keeping a close eye on the end goal. We highly recommend Jerry and sincerely thank him for his ongoing support and guidance.

Tim and Leanne HanniganAbbotsford, BC

Serving Throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada

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