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Where your last day of work no longer means the beginning of your last phase of life.


Why Do I Do What I Do?

The Foundation of my service is base on my six core business beliefs:

  1. I believe that “Today’s New Retirement”  is more complex than that of even  just ten years ago. Better health and longer life expectancies add new questions,  mostly relating to “What will I do?”, “How will I adjust to retirement psychologically?”  or “Do I have to retire?”
  2. I believe that “Today’s New Retirement” requires a new approach to Retirement Planning. I emphasize lifestyle planning before financial planning and make every effort to help you develop a clear and meaningful vision of what you want your future to look like. This vision must be based on the realities of retirement today. Retirement planning is not only about your money, but how your money relates to your future plans.
  3. I believe Retirement Income Planning is a must.  In Today’s New Retirement, you go from  one or two sources of income (employment) to six, seven or more sources of cash flow.  Which income  streams should be accessed and in what order? I work with you to create an efficient, personalized retirement income strategy based on the assets you have, the assets you have saved, and the benefits, including government pensions, that you have earned.
  4. I believe that the road to creating and maintaining retirement income security in Today’s New Retirement is through the use of a diversification of retirement income products.  Product allocation involves putting your retirement assets into distinct product categories to ensure your sustainable retirement income, while at the same time minimizing your taxes, fees and financial risks.
  5. I believe in protecting your assets and your lifestyle.  My approach to retirement security is that I will find ways to protect what you have before I look at ways to make it grow. We must also ensure that your lifestyle plan is protected against death, disability, a critical illness, or the possibility of outliving your health or your income.
  6. I believe in the creation of Legacies. I help you to turn your “success” into “significance”.  This may mean creating a charitable-giving program to fund the causes you  feel strongly about or preserving your estate for future  generations.  Legacies are not just about money.  Legacies are about values and memories you leave for your children, grandchildren, and others.

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I have been doing business with Jerry for over 15 years. During that time, Jerry has consistently been trustworthy, considerate, kind, generous, and caring. Furthermore, I have found Jerry’s advice to be reliably sound and accurate. To Jerry, his clients are more than just customers; he treats them as true friends

Tony Mayo; B.Sc., MA, MFAAbbotsford, BC

Serving Throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada

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