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Where your last day of work no longer means the beginning of your last phase of life.


Why Should You Do Business With Me?

The investment advisor who helped you accumulate your retirement assets may not be the person you should be working with today. 

The formula for accumulating retirement assets is easy. Just stash as much savings as possible into your investments, and try to maximize total returns.

Designing your Retirement Transition Strategy and your Retirement Income and Investment Plan for “Today’s New Retirement” is far more complex than just building  an investment portfolio.  Income planning with today’s life expectancies and uncertain markets allow little room for error. 

My service is not designed to make you rich, but to keep you from becoming poor and losing your independence in your old age.

You will work with an experienced, educated Retirement Advisor who understands “Today’s New Retirement.”  This includes areas such as the physical, social, psychological and financial aspects of retirement and how they relate to each other.

My many years of experience have shown me that too many people are making critical retirement decisions… for their money and their lives, without credible information. In many cases their decisions are based on the decisions and goals of others.

My service is focused on helping you to design your own unique retirement. My goal is to help you to achieve a more fulfilling quality of life, and therefore attain overall retirement piece of mind.

Contact my office today to schedule a free 90 minute, no obligation session to discuss your most critical retirement transition questions and concerns.

As a result of this session you will have the information required to make informed retirement decisions for these key areas. These decisions will reflect the realities of Today’s New Retirement along with your personal future goals.

No further contact will be made following this visit without your approval.

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My wife and I have been privileged to have Jerry Brown as our financial advisor for a number of years. He continually demonstrates a real concern for our financial well being. He has been giving us practical and timely advice as we transition into our retirement years.

John and Marilyn VooysAbbotsford, BC

Serving Throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada

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